Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Costco Salsa Chicken Mexican

I went to Costco a few months ago and sampled a yummy Mexican mouthful.  Super tasty, super easy, super fun.  They only put the salsa, chicken and cheese together and served it with tortilla chips.  I added a few extra ingredients and served it in a tortilla (burrito style).  In true "Pam Style," I don't really measure except when baking.  So just add these ingredients to suit your personal taste.


1 jar Costco organic salsa (you can use another kind)
2 cans Costco chicken pieces (you could use chicken you cooked and chopped yourself)
Grated cheese to taste
Brown rice
Black Beans

Put all ingredients into a pot and heat until warmed.  Serve in a tortilla or with chips.

My friend said she may try adding corn kernels too.

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