Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lunches for the Picky Eaters

This is a typical lunch for my 6th grader.
-Fruits & veggies (this varies upon which produce is in season)
-Some sort of "non-sandwich" (this was made with wheat flatbread, then Laughing Cow cheese wedge spread on it and turkey breast). We also try things like soup, cold pizza, etc.
-Homemade Cookie (I bake these and stick them in the freezer as soon as they cool and pull out as needed each day)

My first grader is even pickier. He wants a protein bar in his lunch everyday and he likes to have "Fruitables" drinks (which have a variety of fruits and veggies, even sweet potato in there).

We save our little side-dish containers from KFC, wash them in the dishwasher and then use them to package a cookie in the lunch. It keeps the cookie from getting crushed.

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