Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to Cook a Turkey

*Unwrap turkey & rinse
*Take out “gunk” from both cavities
*Rinse again
*Season inside and out
*Leave on counter for 2 hours
*Rub with Canola Oil all over
*Stuff with oranges, rosemary, lemons (quartered fruit)
*Fold wings
*Season more
*Put on a roasting rack to avoid sitting in juices
*Cook as directed
*Pull turkey out when temp in deepest part of thigh (not drum) is 185 degrees
*Breast should be at least 160 degrees when you take it out
*If breast is done and thigh is not, you can cut the top breast part off to begin carving and put all the dark meat (thigh, etc) back into the oven to cook longer
*Cover with foil and let it sit for another ½ hour to continue cooking on the counter from its own heat

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